Co-Op Village
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Project  Status - First Village          (March 21, 2008)

     The design of the Village is finished; the financial plan is completed;
the book is completed. The project has gone as far as it can go without
the energy of others behind it.

  We are now searching for a private investor to loan us $10 Million against a $50 Million assetpaid out as construction draws and paying a high rate of interest. The loan will be repaid in five years.

  This will pay for all the construction and allow the Village to finance those residents that need it.

   Once funding is in place we will begin construction within 4 months and be finished within 12 months of the begin date. 


At Worst Fall Back Position: In the event of a financial meltdown before we are able to get funding, a Village will be brought up in Milton, Florida after the event.

        It is time for heroes for the planet!    See: Investor Information

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