At last, an option to globalization, joblessness, assault on the middle class, poverty, lack of. . everything, as outlined in
Co-Op villages – The Next Evolution.

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Milton, FL / April 15, 2007 -   The Co-Op Village Foundation, Inc. announces the publication of their book Co-Op Villages - The Next Evolution ($19.95/Lightning Source). The culmination of years of planning, this 306 page book offers the only current viable option to living a secure, stress-free life in a world whose economic systems may be crumbling.

It chronicles, in great detail, how to house 500 persons on 500 acres to live sustainably forever, and provide all housing, food, utilities, health benefits, transportation, job training or advanced education and living wage jobs for life for its residents.  The cost to each resident is $40,000 with financing by the village for those who need it.

We believe that after one Village is built, hundreds, then thousands of others will pop up around the country since this will be the only viable option that millions of people will have to live in dignity.  This will transform the country and then the world.  These Villages will provide what our culture and governments promise but cannot deliver.

These Villages will produce their own organic food, produce their own utilities, reduce oil demand, and truly be concerned about the land they live on.  Governments can’t change the world, but a grass roots movement such as this can. 

This is probably the only current viable option for mankind to mitigate the disasters that lie ahead globally both financially and environmentally.  Cowboys know that you can turn a bull’s body simply by turning its head; so too can the world be turned if the U. S. culture can be turned. Currently we are just silently marching towards a cliff. But if enough Villages are built, society will then have an option to choose how it will create its future. 

We have designed a Village for which there is a strong demand, is a sound business investment, is blueprinted so that it can be replicated anywhere, and economically dovetails nicely with our current capitalistic system. 

About The Authors:

Jim Costa is a former CPA, systems analyst and paralegal. He continued in night school another 15 years after getting his bachelor’s degree, studying all aspects of business.   He left the workforce ten years ago to develop this concept as a gift to humanity, taking on the challenge laid down by Jack Reed’s first book to design such a Village.
(850) 623-8753

Jack Reed authored a prior book The Next Evolution, which challenged someone to design such a village.  He lived in an urban cooperative community for 15 years and is a corporate consultant on consensus.  (805)  962-2038
Review copies are available to the media upon request