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      Downloadable Rainwater PDF files:


        Emergency Food Rations & Storage

Emergency Preparidness


Books Currently Being Read:

           All New Square Foot Gardening
              By: Mel Bartholomew

The Self-Sufficient Life and How To Live It   
   By: John Seymour

Gardening When It Counts
   By: Steve Solomon

Root Cellaring - Natuarl cold storage of fruits and vegetables
   By: Mike & Nancy Bubel

Five Acres and Independence - A handbook for small farm management
   bY: M. G. Kains

Seed To Seed - Seed saving and growing techniquesfor vegetable gardners
   By: Suzanne Ashworth

The Encyclopedia of Country Living  
   By: Carla Emery

Living On An Acre
            By: U.S. Dept of Agriculture

Story's Basic Country Skills  
    By: John & Martha Story

Handy Farm Devices
            By: Rolfe Cobleigh

Emergency Food Storage and Survival
    By: Peggy Layton

Chrisis Preparedness Handbook 
     By: Jack Spigarelli

Story's Guide to Raising Chickens
    By: GAil Damerow

Story's Guide to Raising Rabbits
    By: Bob Bennett

Barnyard In Your Backyard
            By: Gail Demarow

The New Healing Herbs
    By: Michael Castleman

Natural Healing with Herbs
  By: Humbert Santillo    

The Post Petroleum Survival Guide and CookBook
   By: Albert Bates

The Humanmanure Handbook

Taking Charge of Your Fertility
   By: Toni Weschler

How To Grow More Vegetables

See Also: Free online medical books:

            Where Ther Is No Dentist:

                Where There Is No Doctor


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