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   Calm Residents Down

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We intend to use meditation to:

Calm residents down,
Help their bodies and minds heal themselves,
Shift residents into a "What's in the best interest of all concerned" mode.
Bring peace to the surrounding community.

Sound far fetched?  Actually its not. It's the cutting edge of science. 
Dr. John Hagelin, a world-renowned quantum physicist,
sums it up nicely by pointing out meditation is proven to:

Stop violence (individually and groups)
Connect us with one another,
Expand our brain use and consciousness.

     Listen to Dr. Hagelin's speech
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                  His web site:

Box O' Rats

If you placed several rats in a box, underfeed them and periodically shake the box you will discover them biting each other.  However, if you place the same rats in the same box, feed them properly, place fluff on the bottom for bedding, punch air holes and generally leave them alone you will discover them to be most happy.

By providing all necessities for life for the residents we expect to calm them down drastically. This security should relieve most stress which will not only lead to better health but will also make consensus decision making much easier.  There should be very little to argue over.


Recap of Dr. Hagelin's Book

Dr. John Hagelin's book Manual for a Perfect Government (1998) reflects the following:

Based upon experiments performed by quantum physicists, sociologists and the medical profession, it is now scientifically accepted and undisputed that:

1.  Group meditation by a few calms a vast number of people around them.

a. In the first 24 cities tested in which 1% of the population meditated, the crime rates dropped 16% on average.

b.  A five year test was conducted in Washington D.C., which has one of the highest murder and violent crime rates in the nation.  As predicted prior to the test, violent crimes decreased 50% during the test period.  Approximately 425 meditators gathered daily during this experiment.

c.  In 1983 an experiment was done in the Middle East to calm warfare.  There meditators were able to reduce war deaths 73% and war injuries by 68% during the controlled study.

d. The number of meditators required to calm a group is the square root of 1% of the population.  For the Village, that equates to two meditators a day.

2.  Meditation not only calms the meditator, but also increases his health, promotes healing, decreases hypertension and stress.

3.  Meditation is between 2 to10 times more effective than the standard treatments for drug and alcohol abuse. 

4.  Student IQ levels, test scores and overall grades increase as a result of meditation.

5.  Meditation decreases prison violence and reduces by 35% the number of released prisoners from returning to prison.

6.  Based on experiments, it is estimated that corporate health insurance costs can be cut by one third when companies teach meditation techniques to its employees and their families.

                                See:     Meditation


African Prisons

In Senegal, West Africa, in 1987, President Abdou Diouf introduced the Transcendental Meditation program into 31 prisons nationwide. More than 11,000 prisoners and 900 correctional officers learned the technique. Violence in the prisons decreased markedly and recidivism rates dropped from 90% to about 8%. The Director of Penitentiary Administration in Senegal Colonel Mamadou Diop credited the Transcendental Meditation program for the dramatic reduction in recidivism. (Total Rehabilitation. Maharishi Vedic University Press, in press.)    See:  Meditation II  

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