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Accepted Population:        

         Open on a first come, first serve basis,

         We will not hand pick residents, such as 15 bar tenders, 2 electricians, etc., 

        The Village population should match somewhat the state demographics
             as to age, education, race, religion, sex, sexual preference, marital status,
             criminal background, health, etc.

Rejected Population:

                 Anyone who poses a threat to anyone else in the Village.

                 Anyone who does not wish to be in the Village.   

Job Skills Needed:            

                 If we need a certain job skill that the group does not possess,
                 we will hire that person from the outside until we can train (formal
                 or informal) someone from the inside to take over that duty.

Eviction Process

A formal eviction process exists to work out problems so that eviction is not required. 
If that fails to correct the problem, then that individual (not family) will be refunded all of his investment
and assisted in finding a new place for himself outside.  Our intent is not to harm but rather help that individual.


If you choose to leave the Village, all money paid in for purchase of share will be refunded to you.

Personal Habits

If its legal outside, then its legal inside, including smoking, alcohol and eating meat.
Each resident is free to choose his own life style.

Meat eaters might be required to participate in raising and slaughtering of the live stock.

Religious Beliefs:   Whatever each resident chooses to  believe.


By committees,

Majority of committees will use the consensus method,

Some positions will require strong leadership in place of consensus,
        such as construction foreman and softball team captain, etc.

100 % adult resident participation in leadership,

All leadership positions will be rotated every 4 - 6 months
        so that everyone who desires can be a leader.

All residents will be trained to be a board of director.

All decisions will be based on "what is in the interest of all concerned".


Income Sharing:    No


Internal Economy:    Cashless.  Barter not required. 
                               Record keeping not required.


Required Work:     Every adult will be required to work 20 hours per week.
                           The only exception is the extremely ill or feeble.

                           Note:  Your job might to be simply to cook breakfast for the

                           Jobs will be based upon your skills, desires, passion and goals.

Meal Sharing:     

Most meals will be communal, if the individual chooses.  Or meals can be private.

All food will be shared equally.  If we don't have it and you want it, you will have to purchase it yourself.


Percentage of Food Grown:          90 %


Land Ownership

Every adult will have an equal share to the Community Land Trust.  That means that you will not own the particular house you live in, but you do have a right to a house for shelter.  You will instead be a partial owner of all the houses.  As your family size changes, so might you just change houses (at no cost).

Maturing children will purchase their own share if they decide to stay in the Village.


When you pass away, your share in the land trust will expire as well.  Otherwise your six kids will be fighting to live in one house or will try to rent it out to someone not willing to abide by the Village rules.

Your surviving spouse will still have his/her own share so there is no impact on them.


Suffering:      No resident will suffer from lack of equal:
 housing, food, education, medical access, jobs access and dignity.


Home schooling or public schools will be a personal choice.

Advanced education will be available to all.


Cash producing jobs will be made available for those unable to raise the cash price upon entry.  

All residents applying will be admitted regardless of their cash situation at application  date.

Cash Jobs

Companies will be started by the community for those that need to earn their purchase money as well as fund their personal hobbies and habits. 

All employees will share the profits equally.


A home(s) might be purchased in the nearest town so that some workers can stay there during the week.  This would also be available for advance education students to be near the colleges as well as young persons who might wish to live outside of the Village for a while to see what the other side is like.


Most residents will spend the first year assisting in the construction of the buildings.

Residents will cooperate in building all buildings, not just "my house".


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