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Project  Status - 10,000 Villages

Yeah, right.  We haven’t even built the first Village yet and here we are talking about the first 10,000.  But I feel most positive about the first 10,000 Villages being built quickly.  This is based on all of the great advances I see that are changing society and funneling us towards Villages.

Before pointing out some of these advances let me warn you.  I am a hopeless optimist, even though what you are about to read may at first frighten you or you may not agree with it.  I should also point out that a few members recently left the project feeling that I was delusional, as I may be.  You, the reader, will have to decide that issue for yourself.

Global Awakening:  For several years now a great awakening has been occurring all over the globe.  People are waking up, realizing their true nature, their powers and potential, the control they have succumbed to, messes and unnecessary drama we have caused. We are realizing that what we are doing is destroying who we are, who we could be, that we may not even continue to be, as well as the damage we do to the planet.

This awakening is the result of writers and activists the likes of Neal Donald Walsch, author of Conversations With God series, advances in quantum physics as evidenced by the work of Dr. John Hagelin (meditation), Rhonda Byrn, author of The Secret, the authors of What The Bleep Do We know.  The list continues as there are many delivering the same message – that we are not victims as previously thought but rather powerful creators of the universe with the ability to recreate our lives and evolve to a higher state of being.

History has shown us that only 10% of the population needs to accept a new idea before it is universally adopted.  I personally believe we will have reached that critical mass in less than five years.  The result of this awakening will leave a mankind no longer subject to fears, no longer believing in separation from each other or shortages. People will no longer be controlled by lies as they will clearly see truth.  This will be the perfect opportunity for changing to the “What’s in the best interest of all concerned” mode.

Probable Financial Meltdown:   I believe that within the next five years the United States will suffer a complete financial meltdown.  I realize that this prospect is most frightening and so I will get to the point and move on.  There are six probable causes for such a melt-down, any one of which could spell disaster.  They are: Baby Boomers and Social Security, End of Cheap Fuel, Petro-Dollars, Globalization, Global Warming and Budget & Trade Deficits.  

As gloomy as this appears I feel it will be a wonderful opportunity to rid ourselves of old systems that have tortured us for centuries.  Enough said.

             See:    Financial Meltdown

Failure of Governments:  The work being done by so many to expose the inability of governments globally to actively serve humanity is reaching a peak.  This is most evident here in the United States.  The immense problems faced by governments today are unprecedented.  I believe that governments are at a breaking point in that they are frozen from fear of the unknown, have lost their power to lobbyists and could not make the right decision even if they wanted to.  It’s as if there is no one in control, much like a giant bulldozer running amuck without a driver.

I personally believe that as a result of all the points mentioned in this article, a day will come within five years in which current governments will simply cease to be.

Physical Isolation:   I personally feel that within the next five years all over the world travel as we know it today will be substantially retarded.  This will leave communities physically isolated from most of the world and will destroy the world economic trade system immediately.

Conclusion:   I therefore feel that prior to 2013 civilization as we know it will be forced to drastically change.  But fortunately this will occur at a time that the human potential will increase a million fold so that humanity can deal with itself on a much grander scale. 

Most of the major economists, dooms-dayers and visionaries all see the same thing – small local economic systems providing all life necessities, governance and security to everyone within it.  What is provided here is one view of that future society. These communities will not struggle to come into existance, but rather will appear out of necessity to survive, as this is the future of mankind.

This article was not meant to frighten people but to give insight and hope. Don't take my word for it though, look for yourself.

    See:    Financial Meltdown

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