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It is recognized that spirituality is an individual process and that there are a million possible faces of God, including the belief of no God.  The intent of the Village is to somewhat mirror the local demographics in order to maintain diversity and it is also the intent to not tolerate any type of discrimination in the Village.

Accordingly, a Chapel will be available for use by all groups that choose to do so.  The Village will help to coordinate its use by outside religious organizations.  Transportation will be arranged for those wishing to attend religious services outside the Village.

The focus group “How Do We Bring Forth Inner Wisdom” will be charged with making resources available for self discovery.  Although this may not be considered spiritual per se, this same focus group will also promote various forms of meditation and yoga.  By assisting the resident to calm themself and providing more leisure time than that available in our current culture, each resident will be in a better position to explore their own spirituality. 



A cluster might be reserved for like minded individuals as long as there are enough applicants available to fill it timely.  Exception would have to be made for non-believing household members however.

Also, other than the first Village (too difficult) an entire Village could be reserved for like minded residents.  It would probably be best if that Village were financed by that particular religious organization, however. 

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