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Residential Buildings


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1. Location / Footprint - Approximately fifteen Clusters of 15 families each would exist. Each cluster would be tightly packed for the smallest footprint. Each cluster would have its own playground, gazebo, workshop/garage, laundry facility, freezers, home office and meeting & recreation room. One cluster might be near the fields / livestock for that farm feel; one might be way out for the hermits. One cluster might be childless.

2. Single Units - Small footprint, single bath, energy efficient lighting, facing the proper direction for energy efficiency, solar panels, hot water timers, sky lights, surrounded by edible vegetation nourished by drip irrigation. Will have ability to shut off all air conditioning except the bedrooms at night. Kitchens would have fire sprinkler systems. Anyone desiring exceptions would have to pay a premium for it.

3. Apartments - Apartments could be used for elderly needing light assisted living and for non-growing families. These homes would have additional built-ins geared for the elderly.

4. Guest Facilities - Small cottages or apartments without major cooking facilities.

5. RV Park, Campsite - One cluster can be a campsite / RV park.


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