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Holy Grail


The major writers of our time who are warning us of the coming economic storms all arrive at the same conclusion: we must go to a local economy that produces the majority of it's own needs! However, all of them hit the same dead-end wall; they are unable to describe such a system nor how to convert to it in a manner that will not cause more economic distress in the process.

The Co-Op Village system is the Holy Grail they seek. It describes a local economy system and how it can be integrated safely into our current economy.

Some of those authors are the following:

Running On Empty   (2004)  Peter G. Peterson

The Party’s Over   (2003)  Richard Heinberg

PowerDown: Options and Actions for a Post Carbon World
                            (2004)  Richard Heinberg

The Long Emergency: Surviving the end of Oil, Climate Change and other Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century (2006)
                             James Howard Kunstler         His web site

The Coming Economic Collapse   (2006)  Stephen Leeb, PhD

The Coming Generational Storm   (2004) 

                            Laurence J. Kotlikoff & Scott Burn

Plan B 3.0 – Rescuing A Planet under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble (2003) 
                             Lester R. Brown

Alternatives to Economic Globalization  (2004)
                               John Cavanagh & Jerry Mander 

Deep Economy  (2007)   Bill McKibben

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