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                              November 1, 2011 - Its Happening Now!

  It is my personal opinion that:

1. The U.S. Federal government is bankrupt, illegal and is now in the process of collapsing in on itself.

2. It appears that the U.S. military is supporting the collapse of the current congress and banking cartel controlling our government. This will cause us to return to common law and the constitution.

3. This will be a death blow to the monster corporations, the Federal Reserve Bank and the bankers that have hijacked our way of life and made slaves out of us.

4. Within a couple of months all Americans will be debt free from the banks (mortgages, auto loans and credit cards), as those debts will be forgiven, and will receive financial reparations for the fraud committed by the government over the past 100 years.

5. This will fund thousands of villages to be built by the citizens themselves wherever they choose and without the need of outside financing!

6. You will soon be in a position to create your own Village!

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