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                              Two Village Cores Completed


1. Two Village cores have been completed in Milton, Florida.

2. Purpose:
Each core might be the center of a future Village which could be built around the core in the event of a financial meltdown of the U.S.

3. Description:  Each core can provide unlimited potable water using electric and hand pumps; One core can feed 10 persons and the second core can feed 25 persons three daily meals forever, with ability to greatly increase these numbers. The cores can shelter 10 and 25 persons respectively, with expansion ability. Each core is no more than an acre each.

3. Future Expansion: Interested parties can rent or purchase land near a core or in the surrounding neighborhood. In the event of an emergency this and other land surrounding each core might be utilized for unlimited expansion. The intent is that the neighborhood could be converted into a Village through cooperation.

Note: We are still hopeful of obtaining financing to construct the first Village. But in the event of an emergency before we can construct, the cores offer a back-up plan.

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