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The Final ‘END’ or a NEW Beginning?

Signs of Reckoning for Uncertain Times

Global banking systems teetering on collapse; auto and airline monoliths face questionable futures; Wall Street on life support– What does all this mean to you?  Recessions have come and gone. Some people still remember the Great Depression.  Millions are losing jobs.  The mortgage meltdown and foreclosures are causing suffering for millions. The world has faced many hard times and many wars.  We’ve endured droughts, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and nature’s fury.  Never before have so many people across the planet faced such incredible challenges almost simultaneously though. World wide discord and terrorism, global warming, economic collapse, energy depletion, and a population growing by 90 million a year!  This all foreshadows fewer resources for more people on a fragile planet. 

Look carefully at the growing evidence that something very different is going on today. Are the signs of the times saying the End is Near or is this reckoning a precursor to a new and better World?

Conventional wisdom says that the housing bubble burst left homeowners unable or unwilling to continue to make mortgage payments placing the banks in financial stress.  Behind the scenes analysts indicate the banks committed a fraud on the unsuspecting world selling garbage mortgages, derivatives and credit swaps in a shadow unregulated banking system stacked in favor of the bankers.  The bankers took the money and ran leaving behind an insolvent banking system unable to stand on its own. Yet another group tells us that the end-age of credit has arrived bulldozing both capitalism and the financial system that created it.

As if that isn’t enough, the peak oilers want us to take a step back and look from a distance at the impact of the end age of cheap oil and energy.  From this viewpoint they tell us that when oil neared $150 a barrel it became obvious that banks would be crazy to invest in any business in our current business culture because our business culture is at an end.  Without the cheap oil and energy, Suburbia U.S.A. stops flowing cash.  Period.

Oh yeah . . . did I mention global warming and planet deterioration from both overuse and misuse?  If we don’t fix it the planet is in peril and if we attempt to fix it the economy is in peril. 

So what does this all mean?  End of this, end of that.  Each time we step back the view appears worse.  Perhaps our whole economic system is at an end – perhaps our very culture too.  But with nothing else to lose lets take another step back and see if we can somehow get a grasp on an overall pattern here.  Let’s step far enough back so that we no longer see the banking industry, the auto industry, credit markets and oil indexes.  Just step back until they all blur into one economy; one culture.

From this point we begin to catch a glimpse of a tectonic plate type collision that has been brewing for the past few decades or so. I am referring here to the old cultural view that we are separate from one another, survival of the fittest, there is a shortage of everything and I had better get mine first world system that has brought us here to where we are now economically.  But now that tectonic-like plate is colliding with a new world view that hither fore few saw as an economic impediment because few foresaw economics associated with it.

I am referring to the onslaught of the touchy feely warm and fuzzy world of quantum physics as revealed by What The Bleep Do We Know, The Secret, Conversations With God and other media telling us that we are not separate from one another, that what we create for others we create also for ourselves.  In fact, we ourselves are creating everything around us and all that occurs in our lives.  And, because our thoughts are manifesting into material things there cannot ever be a shortage of anything – that the shortages were the results of our own fearful imagination all along.

What we are witnessing is a shortage based competition system clashing with a newer system based on abundance and cooperation that chooses to do no harm to others or the planet.

The original question was “are we viewing the beginning or the end”?  Perhaps the answer is “both”.  Just as a snake must shed its skin in order to grow, so too must mankind.  In our case the constrictor is our economic system which causes us to climb on top of each other crushing those on the bottom.

Of course, the question now is which system will win out?  In Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy, Maslow shows the most primal needs must be met first before man’s highest needs can be ultimately achieved.  Thus we need to eat and have shelter before we can achieve our highest human need – to belong. One might easily suggest that the current system has, as a whole, pushed mankind away from the higher need to belong, and to the bottom fourth of the population a very difficult time acquiring the basic needs of food and shelter.

I for one believe that if a new system guarantees all of Maslow’s needs, from the basics to the highest, to belong, than that system will ultimately win over.  If we accept the quantum physicists’ argument that we are creating the world by our own thoughts why would we choose to continue to create shortages and torture when we could choose all of Maslow’s needs just as easily?  For that matter why choose to be slaves to the banks, to the marketing people, fear creators, terrorists, etc.  Why not simply let the current system collapse and just choose abundance, cooperation and happiness?  I for one choose to put my money on what I want rather than what I no longer want.  Maybe this is what the market is reading now.  I feel certain that corporate boardrooms are not discussing quantum physics for their current downturn in sales.  But that doesn’t mean that it can’t still be the ultimate cause.

There appears to be an awakening going on all over the world.  People are beginning to recognize that our current systems are no longer providing what they should be: a life of security and dignity for all.

So which system might win out?  I suggest both.  A new system incorporating cooperation and abundance for those that choose that way of life and the current system for those that continue to choose it or never make a choice at all and just continue on as usual.


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