Jim Costa
Jack Reed
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Jim Costa is a former CPA, systems analyst and paralegal. He continued in night school another 15 years after getting his bachelor’s degree, studying all aspects of business.  "I just couldn't understand how companies could work successfully, for all, forever. And now I know - they don't", he said.  He left the workforce ten years ago to develop this concept as a gift to humanity, taking on the challenge laid down by Jack Reed’s first book to design such a Village to serve all.

Jim lives near Pensacola, Florida with his wife Betty.
(850) 623-8753    costa4669@bellsouth.net

Review copies are available to the media upon request


Jack Reed authored a prior book The Next Evolution, which challenged someone to design such a Village.  He is a global visionary who sees the world as an interconnected whole.  His studies have taken him far beyond the theoretical.  For fifteen years he lived in an urban cooperative community, where he was an active leader.  A consultant for corporations and non-profit organizations, Jack Reed is also a speaker and seminar leader whose process is practical and produces outcomes that yield benefit for the greatest good of all.  His clients include: The University of Southern California, the Los Angeles Unified School District, Southern California Edison, and the National Parks Service.

.  (805)  962-2038   jack@communityplanet.org
Review copies are available to the media upon request

Jenney Chendea graduated from the Universtiy of West Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities. Shortly after graduation, she married and moved to Virginia where she is currently remodelling her home with her active-duty military husband and two- year-old son. They will be moving back tp Pensacola in mid-January '08 so she can assist with the building of the Village. Her interests include reading, gardening, home birth, and attachment parenting. She hopes to one day live in a sustainable community environment where she can pursue a truly healthful and helpful lifestyle.                   jenchendea@gmail.com