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Why Construction Completion within 12 Months?

The construction must be completed within a year because the Village will borrow enough money so that most residents can quit their outside jobs in order to help with the construction.  The Village will feed and house the residents for that first year.  After that the residents that need outside jobs can get them.  We will only borrow enough to do this for one year.  

Investors will lend against the future asset of the completed physical village.  In order to get the financing we will have to give assurance of a timely completion.

In order for the Village to operate successfully there must be a diverse trade pool to utilize, otherwise we will have to hire from the outside.  We will need all 500 residents to join as soon as possible thus requiring that the housing be available at the beginning of the second year.

If residents joined over several years the venture would go bankrupt.  If there were only a few residents at the beginning of the second year the cash flow would not be sufficient to even make the land payments.


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