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Why Florida?

First let me say that there is no real right answer in land location. Nor is it necessary that there be a right answer.

For instance, Florida has hurricanes; Kansas has tornados, Arizona cannot grow crops; North Dakota has damn snow, etc.

Secondly, the investors could easily require we construct in their region, wherever that is. But then again, the Village is designed to be altered to the terrain and built anywhere.

The first Village is just that - the first. We hope to open the door to investors so that a thousand Villages will pop up immediately after they see the first one. So if the first one is in a bad place (over 100 years down the road) its residents can simply join another Village later on if necessary. But in the meantime we got the ball rolling.

We are building a matrix in designing the Village. Some factors need to be initially locked in stone so that you can continue to develop the matrix. We chose Florida as that is where we are now, familiarity with local zoning, networking, knowledge of Florida law, access to persons knowledgeable in building codes, etc. Its just a starting place to plant the first flag. If later that changes then so be it.

The land located in Florida that we can purchase is 20 miles back from the coast so that it is safe from hurricanes, as they normally do most damage within the first three miles of the coast. But an occasional tornado can still be spun off by a hurricane. The land is 150 feet above sea level so that it is safe from the rising ocean from global warming.

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